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About Dr. Greg Cartin

GC3 Performance Consulting, LLC

My name is Dr. Greg Cartin, a Sport and Performance Consultant based in Boston, MA.

I completed both my Masters and Doctoral work at Boston University in Counseling Psychology with a specialization in performance, and for the last 8 years have been helping clients all over

the world help access the skill they have worked so hard to develop - whether the client is a beginner or a Tour Pro.

My work centers around cultivating freedom, not prescribing athletes quick fixes or techniques to rid themselves of negative thinking. I believe in the fact that as performers, we can find enjoyment and fulfillment prior to achieving success, instead of delaying gratification until we accomplish our goals. It’s important to remember there is no correct way to think. We don’t need to think a certain way to perform well.

Ask yourself this question: When you recall an occasion when you

played your absolute best, what exactly was it you were thinking? The answer I always get is “nothing” or “I don’t know.”

I’m giving you permission to stop searching for the perfect way to think. Instead, don’t pass judgement on the thoughts that pop into your head, and you are well on your way to cultivating the freedom necessary to succeed.

Watch below to learn more about Dr. Greg Cartin and GC3 Performance Consulting, LLC...

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